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I am Julia and this is my Christ-centered business, brand, and network: 


Grow With Me is a Christ-centered business, brand, and network founded in hopes of reaching people, bringing out the best of them. Julia is your host, experienced as a personal development guru with a Health Sciences background. She is an artist and a healer. GWM is the platform that provides a mode of channeling these areas of expertise provided by the services offered. For more click the link below

 7 Strategies for Kingdom Building, Advancement & Expansion
1. Preach repentance.

2. Seek and expect the manifestation of God’s power to save, heal, and deliver.

3. Make the kingdom a very high priority in your life.

4. Press in to it. Don’t take a passive approach.

5. Envision the kingdom as irresistibly growing, expanding, and penetrating our world at every level.

6. Cast your net broadly, expecting it to catch fish of all kinds.

7. Don’t be captured by the past; look forward to what God is presently doing on this earth and in your life to advance His kingdom now and in the days ahead.

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