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Grow With Me Foundation

I spent years of my early life suffering. I often felt confused, alienated, and hopeless. This led me to an extensive pursuit of personal-development and spiritual truths for years. Years of dedicated self-study along with all of my personal experiences, has provided me with the knowledge and shifts in perspective I needed to understand myself and the world we are living in at this time. Years into the rabbit hole, I am here today. If not for my revelations, I may have ended up severely depressed and anxiety-ridden for the rest of my life. I unlearned the self-sabotaging beliefs I picked up on from the influences around me and I re-learned the meaning of self-love. Now: I love life. I love people. I am driven with purpose. I am alive again.


Come full circle, I now know that my purpose is to help shed light to the ones who are still in the dark. Life is beautiful. Let me help guide you.                     

                                      Grow With Me  


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Julia Faith


 -Julia Faith  

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