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Perspective Shifting: Unfolding From Birth

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

A shift in perspective: What if you were born with your life predestined in some way… What if every bad thing you’ve ever been through was meant to happen in order to ingrain a particular experience, or emotion, in order to counter an opposite experience?

Here’s the thing: Everything in life is made up of opposites. We live and we die; if there is an up, there is a down; if you go left, there must be a right; if you’re consciously happy, you must have also been sad to know the difference. Those of us who have experienced the depth of sadness also have a greater appreciation for the opposing heights of happiness. Those of us who have experienced shame have yet another level of appreciation for acceptance. It’s not uncommon for a success story to include great pains prior to their glory.

If only for a moment, give yourself the opportunity to think of your life as though it were all planned for some grandiose life ahead… Shift the perspective from victimhood, to “I did this to myself in order to have a particular experience. Every single part of it.” (push past all resistance and just imagine). In order to progress, we have to let go of the idea that we are victims of our past, or that our lives are governed by the influences of our upbringing. If we remain in the mentality of victimhood, there is no progression from our pain. We remain in a cycle of self-pity, leading to self-destructive behaviors and little motivation to change. So: just consider the idea that you wanted to come have this experience...and in order to have it, there was a 'price to pay'. You had to experience the dark in order to experience the light.

Again: consider that every ‘bad’ thing that has happened in your life, to you or due to your actions to another, was in fact, meant to happen. Imagine that those experiences were thoroughly planned on another level beyond you. All in order to allow for this life to unravel and expand onto greater heights… Like I said before, a level of appreciation is gained when we have an opposite experiences to counter. Duality serves a purpose, but once accomplished, you have the opportunity to move into unity consciousness. See through the perspective of perfection. A perfectly constructed life. See your life through God, through universal intelligence, through love, through divinity.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in a pre-destined life, simply allow yourself to think about the resulting change in your thought-process. If you were to truly believe that your life was set up a certain way in order to have a particular experience, it could liberate you from victimhood and allow forgiveness to yourself and others for any pain caused. So what difference does it make if the idea is "true" or not? At the end of the day, progress is progress. Joy is joy. When you reach a state of love beyond duality, it negates the “how” anyway. The overall effect of shifting perspectives is achieving a different state of being. There are more levels to this 'game of life', and if we would just take the time to look at things from different perspectives, we could give ourselves permission to feel greater potentials, as well as learn to avoid certain view-points in order to prevent lower states of being.

The issue so many of us encounter in our lives to begin with is the constant escape of emotions due to our current perspectives. The solution is not to numb our pain, it's to transcend it entirely. If you can find a perspective that eliminates the need to numb in the first place, there is nothing to change. You simply move onto greater things naturally. If you can achieve a complete understanding of another way of thinking about your life, you could liberate yourself from all suffering.

Look beyond the current circumstances, look beyond the world that made you. The possibilities are infinite. Learn from the past from another perspective. Free yourself of victimhood. Free yourself of suffering. Put yourself at the wheel of all of your life experiences and see what kind of head space that puts you in. Your mind is powerful. Your state of being is all that matters, you take it everywhere you go.

Change your mind, change your life. You are divine, believe it.

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